Day 2 & 3 - Electrical & Beam

Day 2

Day 2 didn't have much interesting to show (and I forgot to take pictures). I spent a few hours in the attic with my dad giving me instructions on what electrical to splice. With all the electrical stripped out of the load bearing wall, we were ready for our framer to come and frame out new walls, and put in the new beam!

Day 3

Ikea delivered our whole kitchen package (and I only took a picture about halfway through them delivering):


Our framer came on day 3 to help frame around our new front closet and pantry:

And shoutouts to my pal Nick for helping build some pantries, and lift up the beam!

We temporarily shored up the ceiling, and I'm pretty sure we didn't even need to. When we started to cut the 2x4's, you could tell there was effectively no weight pushing down on them.


Putting up the new beam was surprisingly easy- the beam is actually just several LVL beams that you put up individually and then screw into each other. Between the 4 of us, it was light work to lift it all into place and secure.



That evening, we built a few of our cupboards to try and get a head start.